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About Us

We love design fun exiting graphic clothing!

We are a clothing brand that was founded in Seattle, WA, by a small designer—selling unique graphic designs, along with offering custom orders for companies & organizations. GSM was chosen as the brand name because it stands for Graphic.Syle.Memories. We are always providing quality fabric and a stylish look that our customers will enjoy making beautiful memories. 

Our Mission!

Our missend is to encourage people not to be afraid of their style choices but to explore and be embushus. To remind the world that we have only one life and that we should make beutiful lasting memories that we will still remember long into our 60s.

A Quote From The Founders.

I wanted to start something that I could pass on to my children, and that would leave a mark on the world. Because I have always enjoyed graphic designs, stylish clothing, and making memories with those I care about, I chose the name GSM as the brand name. I hope to do more than just apparel in the future, but when that day, it comes, and I will let you know.

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